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Water Softener and Water Conditioner Selection Guide

Hard Water Treatment Water Softener Selection Guide:

Welcome to our online hard water treatment webpage developed for you by our soft water specialists at RainDance Water Systems. Our website contains information on hard water solutions, problems associated with hardwater, the benefits of soft water, and whole house water filtration.You will find chocies of packaged whole house water filters, potassium based water softeners, reverse osmosis water treatment, and saltless no-salt hard water treatment conditioners.

The RainDance Water Systems name is synonymous with quality and reliability. And with our new Family Savings Plan on selected water softeners, standard of excellence is proving that its name is synonymous with superior value.

We set the standard worldwide for our product knowledge and technical assistance. We offer the best expert techs in the world to assist you with our water treatment systems & water softeners. We help you with your installation questions, start up support, and provide free water testing after your filter has been installed. Own a vacation home, cottage or seasonal cabin ? We will provide you information on how to winterize your water filter system when it is not in use.

Hard Water Problems
Symptoms of hard water are soap scum in the bath tub, shower, sinks and hard water spots on faucets and fixtures. Hard water calcium and magnesium minerals prevent soaps form lathering and react with soaps and detergents to form an insoluble, sticky residue that's difficult to rinse from bathtubs, sinks, faucets and fixtures. Hair can also become dry and brittle. Hard water can cause scale inside plumbing and in your dishwasher, hot water heater and washing machine. Thus, causing water pressure drops and mechanical parts stop working.
The Benefits Of Treating Hard Water
Cost savings in service, maintenance and replacements of showers, heaters etc.
Improved efficiency of hot water and heating systems .
Save some 50% of washing powder and toilet soap consumption and similarly cut the use of shampoos, conditioners and cleaning products.
Saves time - independent studies have confirmed that considerable cleaning time is saved with softened water.
Removes existing scale deposits in hot water and heating systems as well as scale around taps and stains in baths and basins.
Softened water has a clean, silky feeling. It makes bathtime a luxury without the need for oils or bubble bath liquids.
Softened water makes hair soft and easy to manage.
No scum - Softened water rinses completely away without leaving scum even after shaving.
Makes laundry brighter, and glasses and dishes sparkle and shine.
Softened water makes washing the car easier and will reduce streaking and spotting. Water softeners are installed in nearly all commercial laundries, kitchens and car washes in hard water areas.
How is hard water softened?
To soften water fully the minerals (calcium and magnesium) which cause hardness must be removed.
Water Softening
Water Softeners are used to treat hard water. They work by replacing the calcium and magnesium in the water with either potassium or sodium. Our well water softeners will also remove large amounts of iron and manganese.
How RainDance Water Systems Water Softeners Work
Water softeners operate on a ion exchange process. In this process, water passes through a resin media bed. The resin is saturated with either potssium or sodium. The ion exchange process takes place as hard water passes through the softening resin. The hard water minerals (calicum,magnesium) attach themselves to the resin beads while sodium or potassium on the resin is released into the water. When the resin becomes saturated with hard water (calcium and magnesium), it must be recharged. The recharging is done by passing a brine solution through the resin. The potassium or sodium replaces the calcium and magnesium which are discharged in the waste water.
Can a water softener be removed and relocated?
Absolutely yes. It is as easy as removing a washing machine or a dishwasher and can be moved from home to home. In many cases, a water softener has also been known to help sell a property as a result of its protection of the hot water system and bathroom and kitchen appliances
Will those who prefer to drink soft water be deprived of any minerals deemed necessary for good health?
No. The minerals necessary towards your daily diet come from your food.
Neither hard nor softened water provide any significant quantity of minerals. For example, a glass of milk contains 4 times the amount of calcium, as does a glass of water!
How much sodium is in softened water?
A normal daily intake of sodium for an adult is approx. 3,000 mg.
Many natural and manufactured foods and drinks contribute to this daily intake. As a guide, you would need to drink 75 glasses of softened water to achieve your daily intake! Typical examples of sodium levels are: - One glass of milk contains 160 mg - One slice of bread contains 190 mg - A 12 oz can of diet soda typically contains between 30 and 70 mg of sodium - One glass of softened water contains approximately 40 mg. For customers who wish to filter sodium and other dissolved solids from their drinking water RainDance Water Systems offer a large selection of reverse osmosis sodium filtration systems email for additional information : sales@e-watertreatmentchemicals.com
I do not want to add sodium to my water softener, Is there an alternative to sodium pellets?
Yes, you can have a sodium free water softener. Our softening systems can use potassium-based pellets, not sodium, to soften water. So, your water is not only soft, but it's sodium free. Potassium soften water vs sodium is also better for plants and gardens.
Water Conditioning
Saltless Water Conditioners or no-salt hard water conditioners work by altering the Calcium ions (hard water scale) such that they loose their ability to cause adhesive scale to your fixtures.
How The Deluxe H2O Gold Package Saltless Water Conditioner Filter Systems (No Salt Water Conditioner) Work Offered By RainDance Water Systems
First, water enters the carbon filter to remove chlorine bad tastes and odors . Second, clean water now enters the hard water scale prevention media. This media transforms calcium ions (hard water) into calcium crystals , which are stable and cannot attach to pipes, surfaces, hardware, or heat exchanger components. These crystals are so small they are easily rinsed away by water flow. Note: this is not a spot free system - A simple damp cloth (if at all) is more than sufficient to remove any residual mineral deposits.
Your RainDance Water Systems Water Improvement Selection Guide
Top-quality products, backed by a great warranty - We offer our products with quality as our primary goal. RainDance Water Systems takes great pride in offering truly excellent products, and refuse to compromise the quality of our products for the sake of offering a less reliable product at "rock bottom prices". To help you judge this for yourself, we encourage you to compare our products to the competition by viewing the detailed specifications, up front pricing and by reading our product documentation.
Water Softeners, Commercial Water Softeners, Saltless Water Conditioner, Water Conditioner Purifier, NO-salt Water Conditioner.

Metered Water Softeners - Metered demand hard water conditioners - control regeneration -Monitors the water being used and only regenerates when needed

RainDance Water Systems Water Softening Units enhance the quality of water throughout your home, from the kitchen to the bathroom and from the laundry room to your hot water heater. By treating hard water and mineral buildup your home can benefit in many ways:
Softer Laundry:
Clothes and towels are softer, cleaner, brighter, and last longer.
Washing machines last longer with less scale buildup
Laundry detergent use is lessened and costs can be reduced by as much as 50%-75%
Cleaner Kitchen:
Dishes, china, glasses, and silverware are cleaner - no more hard water spotting
Most of our softeners include a whole house drinking water filter or under the counter reverse osmosis for quality tastier drinking water, coffee, juice, soup, ice, and cooking water.
Cleaner Bathrooms:
Skin feels smoother after showers and baths
Hair is softer and more manageable after shampoos
Shampoos and soaps last longer
Shower, tub and sink cleaner is made easier with less soap scum
No more hard water scale on your glass shower doors
More Efficient Plumbing and Appliances:
Water flow and pressure are improved by less hard water scale build-up in pipes
Extends the life of your water using appliances - hot water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, ice maker, etc.
Municipal (city water) Water Softeners To Choose From:
  • RainDanceMAX Package - High efficiency water softener and whole house drinking water filter - Filters chlorine tastes, odors, and hard water minerals (calcium and magnesium) The RainDanceMAX also includes UV ultraviolet light system.
  • RainDanceULTRA Package - High efficiency water softener and whole house drinking water filter - Filters chlorine tastes, odors, and hard water minerals (calcium and magnesium) Our RainDanceULTRA Package water softener package includes a 5 stage reverse osmosis water filter.
  • Bronze Package - Priced to fit your budget. Whole house hard water softener provides soft water at every tap.
  • Compact Mini Water Softeners - designed for small spaces, 1-2 person households or low water use households, mobile homes, RV's, trailers, restaurants, and small business's. E-mail for details.

Municipal (city water) RainDance Water Systems also offers our no-salt alternative hard water conditioners:

  • Gold Package - Salt free hard water conditioner and whole house drinking water filter - Designed for the filtration chlorine tastes, odors as well as hard water scale.
  • Platinum Package - Salt free hard water conditioner and whole house drinking water filter - Designed for the filtration chlorine tastes, odors as well as hard water scale. Includes ultraviolet UV treatment.
  • Saltless Water Conditioner Series - Whole house water treatment
Well Water - Water Softening Units To Choose From:
  • Twin Alternating Iron Eater - Water Softeners specifically designed for well water. Home or business applications where continuous soft water is desired or in high water hardness situations where high salt usage is likely or high iron problems exist.
  • Iron Eater - High capacity iron removal system up to 25ppm and hard water softener up to 110gpg
  • Iron Eater-125 Series - High flow up to 22gpm high capacity iron filter up to 30ppm and hard water softener up to 120gpg
  • TOT Series - Custom well water softening systems able to treat multiple well water problems
Well Water RainDance Water Systems also offers our no-salt alternative to well water softening:
  • Iron Max-FX Series - Chemical and salt free hard water conditioner, iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide "rotten egg odor" removal.
For our complete selection of iron filters, odor, manganese, and complete whole house well water filters please see our Iron Filter Catalog

RainDance Water Systems
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